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Originally Published on June 13th, 2023 at 04:16 pm

Please answer every statement and the software will provide you an overall score as well as a score broken down into three categories.

I am often confused about what emotion I am feeling.

It is difficult for me to find the right words for my feelings.

I have physical sensations that even doctors don't understand.

I am able to describe my feelings easily.

I prefer to analyze problems rather than just describe them.

When I am upset, I don't know if I am sad, frightened, or angry.

I am often puzzled by sensations in my body.

I prefer to just let things happen rather than to understand why they turned out that way.

I have feelings that I can't quite identify.

Being in touch with emotions is essential.

I find it hard to describe how I feel about people.

People tell me to describe my feelings more.

I don't know what's going on inside me.

I often don't know why I am angry.

I prefer talking to people about their daily activities rather than their feelings.

I prefer to watch "light" entertainment shows rather than psychological dramas.

It is difficult for me to reveal my innermost feelings, even to close friends.

I can feel close to someone, even in moments of silence.

I find examination of my feelings useful in solving personal problems.

I look for hidden meanings in movies or plays.