Hypersexual Behavior Inventory (HBI-19)

Last Updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 01:08 pm
Originally Published on August 26th, 2022 at 12:06 pm

Below are a number of statements that describe various thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As you answer each question, select the number that best describes you. You can only select one number per statement and please be sure to answer every question.

You can give the results link provided at the end of the evaluation to your therapist to discuss during your next session.

For the purpose of this questionnaire, sex is defined as any activity or behavior that stimulates or arouses a person with the intent to produce an orgasm or sexual pleasure. Sexual behaviors may or may not involve a partner (e.g. self masturbation or solo-sex, using pornography, intercourse with a partner, oral sex, anal sex, etc.)

HBI-19 is copyright 2008 Rory C Reid, Brigham young University and Sheila Garos, Texas Tech University.

I use sex to forget about the worries of daily life.

Even though I promised myself I would not repeat a sexual behavior, I find myself returning to it over and over again.

Doing something sexual helps me feel less lonely.

I engage in sexual activities that I know I will later regret.

I sacrifice things I really want in life in order to be sexual.

I turn to sexual activities when I experience unpleasant feelings (e.g. frustration, sadness, anger)

My attempts to change my sexual behavior fail.

When I feel restless, I turn to sex in order to soothe myself.

My sexual thoughts and fantasies distract me from accomplishing important tasks.

I do things sexually that are against my values and beliefs.

Even though my sexual behavior is irresponsible or reckless I find it difficult to stop.

I feel like my sexual behavior is taking me in a direction I don't want to go.

Doing something sexual helps me cope with stress.

My sexual behavior controls my life.

My sexual cravings and desires feel stronger than my self discipline.

Sex provides a way for me to deal with emotional pain I feel.

Sexually, I behave in ways I think are wrong.

I use sex as a way to try and help myself deal with my problems.

My sexual activities interfere with aspects of my life such as work or school.