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  1. Emily
    October 3, 2022 @ 2:01 pm

    My partner and I are not capable of having children of our own and are not wealthy enough to adopt. So we purchased two of these child size dolls. Although we both have minor attractions, the dolls are very rarely used to fulfill sexual desires.
    Most the time, the dolls fill a deep need to express nurturing feelings. We dress them, hold and hug them, brush their hair, and attend their skin care needs (a requirement to keep TPE skin healthy).
    The very notion that dolls are used as “training” on how to commit child abuse is blatantly absurd. Those that are inclined to do such a thing, would not be inhibited by their sexual proficiency or lack there of.
    I can only see net positives if only one child was saved from abuse because the potential abuser found fulfilling sex with a doll.
    Isn’t that what we are told whenever governments want us to forfeit personal freedoms and privacy? If it saves just one child, it is worth it.


    • Dr. Jennifer Weeks
      October 3, 2022 @ 10:11 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences. This topic tends to inflame people’s emotions without thought to facts or people’s actual lived experiences. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate you sharing yours.


  2. MARK
    October 5, 2023 @ 8:00 am

    I’m a doll owner. I own 5 dolls, i regard them as adult.
    The last part of what i said is probably the immediate problem with regulation ‘i regard them as adult’ but maybe if i was forced into a courtroom after an arrest regarding one or more dolls the jury might have a different opinion.

    Here in the UK child dolls are nationally illegal and it carries up to 7 yrs in jail. Now so far sentences publicised have seemed to be fair, those caught was also caught with thousands of indecent images of children and other offences, some having previous offences for sexual assaults involving minors.

    I have no problem with those people being locked up since they wasn’t demonstrating any de-escalation in behaviour . However that’s one sided in the sense that the news is unlikely to cover arrests made in error, it is unlikely to cover men being arrested and jailed for the doll alone. There is a risk someone be branded a paedophile in a complete error , a misstep by authorities.
    The reason this will happen is simple: there is no clear guidance on what a ‘child-like doll’ actually is. All they use to sentence people is using a 200+ old law relating to obscene or pornographic images. This law essentially originally made any and all pornography illegal , today it is repurposed for use in the ‘obscene’ sense.
    Do you go by official documents, birth certificates, passport? dolls have none, they are not human.
    Do you do medical inspections to see if doll is passed in age by puberty ? dolls are not human, there is no medical examination possible.
    Do you go by breast size? maybe but does that imply an adult with A-cups is under 18?
    Do you go by height? maybe but does that mean midgets or generally short people are under 18, can short adults no longer consent to sex? if the argument is height= age in the dolls case then why would the law not work the other way if that’s part of a decision in relation to you being jailed or not?

    What does it objectively mean to be a child-like sex doll. The only pure legal definition part which would be less disputable would be the sexdoll part, if it has penetration holes and seems to be engineered that way then thats what it is. But that legal aspect for definition applies to adult dolls too.

    It seems like a case of do-gooders and ‘think of the children’ types to usher in policies either to signal virtue or more insidiously to perhaps use as a back door to push straight up bans on anything they don’t like.

    Now to be fair and clear here i do not condone some of the potential practice used to make child dolls, i know how adult dolls are sometimes made, it often involves a human subject being 3d scanned and/or parts put in plaster of paris , and might involve photographs naked, this is then handed to an artist to make the pre-mould out of clay, you might call it the master copy .
    It’s possible some of the same processes are used to create child dolls, this means these Chinese factories would be using children by parental consent in exchange for money. The government there might either not care or turn a blind eye.
    But a child cannot consent and we can’t regulate, oversee or set legal constraints on a foreign power.
    I would suggest undercover journalism to see how the factories get from point A to B regarding the child dolls to clear that up.
    If that’s not the case then there is less of a true moral issue, some dolls the master mould is created entirely by imagination and an artists hands and do not involve peoples images or parts.


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