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  1. Billy
    March 6, 2024 @ 6:34 pm

    I been seeing a lot of new hate on dolls and their owners this year and i dont know if you guys are like collective shout or pro dolls but…

    Myself and later about my dolls.
    I have a number of anti social issues all my life and still do. I dont talk to people even if talked to depending on why. I never had a GF and not because i could not get any but because its not in my ability to make that move and im 39 now. I have agoraphobia and all the issues ive had all my life. Because of my issues i was prevented from passing into the 10th for lack of credits because i had adhd issues that limited my learning. They refused to let me repeat the 9th because i was too old to legally be in the 9th since i was held back 2 times in the 1st and 2nd grade and i did not have the education to get a GED and stayed home 24/7 to game which most women, decent women wont give a guy like me a chance even tho i was a little above average looking but in ssi (low income disability) with my issues. I had options to hook up with attractive girls but it was always for the wrong reasons on their side, one night stands or they felt bad because i didnt get out but im the type i mate for life so i always ran from chances. My mother ended up with dementia which is when i found out i had agoraphobia and remained indoors for the last 6 years and nobody coming by. We had 3 cats which not long after all 3 passed a way from old age and one passed from grieving himself because the other passed. (Want to note i never in my life looked, touched or said anything to a female in a sexual way and if i seen a female i liked, my thoughts would be me wishing i was married and or wished i had a GF to cuddle with). This is when i found out about sex dolls and it was random but i decided to buy one and so i did because all the research i did it was noted such dolls helped people with depression. After getting one which was cheap and small (not childlike) at 80cm to see if it was something i would even want. I then decided i would rather buy anime dolls and bought a 90cm one, it was $1200 Vs the 140cm model that was $2200 which i did not have. I started to learn i really liked them for many reason, they give off a presence, they are anime, they can be posed and take amazing pictures and looks nice standing on my pc desk which they do 24/7. I then saved up more money and got a 148cm elsababe that is also anime and she offers the same thing but stands by me and my desk. I do not name my dolls and i refer to them as “it” as they are still objects to me and i dont mean sexual objects but they are to me beautiful female sculptures i can have that are really affordable for what they are. I dont even care to use them and most of the time i do not, ill try once or twice but not after that and now i have 8 dolls, all anime and its the same with them but the two new ones i have not used and they are few months old. Before, i would think and wish i had a gf or a wife that i can never get (fact) and would beat myself up mentally and this would be all day every day but with these dolls, its maybe a mild wish once a month at most and im not as depressed now. Also to note, not that i had a porn addiction but would dive into it few times a week for release but after getting these dolls i have no consumed porn or cared to since then.

    I live in a state that may ban small dolls which 6 of mine are, 4 90cm’s (irokebijins) and two 125cm Elsababes) none of which are childlike but because of the vague law, they can and will outlaw any mini doll as its subject to opinion which i think should be illegal for them to do. I dont want or care for realistic childlike dolls but i do not stand for laws that infringe on my rights and needs. I cannot afford full size dolls and with my heart murmur i cannot pick up anything over 50lb and most dolls over 150cm are 60 to 120lb and the lighter larger dolls cost even more.


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