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  1. Joshua Shea
    July 19, 2018 @ 3:03 pm

    I was asked multiple times if I would take a polygraph prior to my sentencing. I always said yes, hoping it would show some of the things people thought about me were untrue. I never had it done until after my sentencing when I was forced to get it done. In Maine, the polygraph is considered part of the probation conditions. I had one about 3 months after being released which allowed me to see my kids again (despite the fact I lived with them all through the two years I was out on bail) and then had another about 6 months later to allow me to be alone with my kids. I had no problem taking it. For all the little things that can go wrong, I believe if you have owned your truth, the machine isn’t going to fail you. The examiner I had made a good point…you can’t fool a polygraph, you can only make the results inconclusive and at least in Maine, all that means is that you would test again until it wasn’t inconclusive.

    This is a fantastic series BTW. I so wish something like this was out there for right after I was arrested. You’re doing a ton of good with this.


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